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Installing W3C Markup Validator on Debian Jessie

Created On: 13 Mar, 2017: 11:54:33 - Tags : software installation

  1. local copy of validator is more reliable and easy to use for bulk use
  2. W3C Markup Validator supports validation of html,xml, xhtml, html5, mathml and more
  3. html5 validation requires installation
  4. deb file not available in default repository for Debian Jessie
  5. W3C Markup Validator has to be installed from source. install guide given on:
  6. install guide for mod_perl from source (
  7. following perl module had to be installed: SGML-Parser-OpenSP
  8. libperl-dev package required for mod_perl compilation (
  9. java 8 required for
  10. java 8 for debian jessie requires backport repository (

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