Installing Canvas learning management system

Posted on 15-11-2017 by Nadir Latif


Canvas LMS is a modern Learning Management System. It allows teachers and instructors to publish learning material online such as courses, quizes, assigments, announcements, syllabus, modules, discussions, files, learning outcomes and more. Canvas is available as open source software and can be used free of charge.


Canvas LMS is based on Ruby on Rails framework. It uses PostgreSQL server for the database. Its installation is a bit tricky and is well described in this installation guide for production environments. The main installation steps are as follows:


Canvas has all the features needed for creating virtual learning environments. All learning material is contained within courses. Each course can contain learning material such as quizes, assignments, syllabus, announcements, grades, modules, student progress and more. The structure of Canvas is hierarchical. It consists of accounts and sub accounts. Each account and sub accounts contain courses. Each course contains quizes, modules etc. The Canvas user guide describes all the features of Canvas.

Canvas also has a messaging feature which allows users to send messages to other Canvas users. Other features include mobiles apps, calendar for managing events and a dashboard that displays overview of each course. Canvas also has user and group management


Canvas is a very comprehensive and feature rich learning management system. It has been under development since 2008 and is actively supported by the open source community.