Improving WordPress Performance

Posted on 23-06-2018 by Nadir Latif


Recently I had the opportunity of working on improving the performance of a WordPress website for a customer. I will describe my experience in this blog post. Slow website loading times can distract your website visitors and discourage them from visiting your website again.

It is best to conduct a thorough performance tuning of your website before it is launched to the public. You can create a development version of your website and test it for performance. After it has been tested you can make the website live.

The popularity of WordPress

WordPress is a very popular platform for hosting different types of websites. According to the article, What Code You Should Learn, over 19% of all websites are based on WordPress. WordPress has over 25,000 plugins and themes that perform just about any task you can expect of a website. 14 Surprising Statistics About WordPress Usage has some interesting statistics about WordPress.

Improving WordPress performance

There are many factors that can slow down your WordPress website. Knowing exactly what is slowing down your website can be difficult. Fortunately there are several free on-line tools that can help you troubleshoot website performance problems. The level of information provided by these tools is amazing.

Process for tuning WordPress performance

The process I used for tuning the performance of a WordPress website is very simple and can be described as follows. You need to run one or more on-line tools that analyse the performance of your website. These tools provide recommendations on how to improve your website. Implement these recommendations and run the tools again. Then implement the recommendations of these tools again. Continue doing this until the tool gives a good performance figure for your website

Tools for performance tuning

Some of the tools used for performance tuning are:

The level of information provided by all these tools is amazing. Although all tools provide similar information, it is good to run your website on all the tools so you get an overall measure of your website's performance


Ensuring good performance of your website is very important, especially if your website is the public image of a company and is visited by many visitors.

Ensuring good performance of a website requires thorough research. Website performance improvement is a useful skill to learn that is well worth the effort.