Upgrading JWPlayer to version 7

Posted on 11-04-2017 by Nadir Latif


JWPlayer is one of the most widely used video players. It has evolved from a simple video player to a video publishing platform. The latest version 7 of the player is a major upgrade from the last version. Many websites that use the old JWPlayer 6 may want to upgrade to the latest version.

Changes in the new JWPlayer

The new version of JWPlayer contains many new features and has deprecated or removed many features of the old version. The JWPlayer upgrade guide has useful documentation of the changes introduced in version 7. Briefly here are the changes in the new version:
  1. The JW7 does not support the old XML based skin format of JW6. It uses a CSS based format for configuring skins
  2. The JW7 can only be embedded on web pages with doctype of HTML5
  3. The new JW7 uses RSS feed format for its playlists. It does not support the old XML format of JW6
  4. The layout of playlists in JW7 is very different from JW6. The JW7 has built in support for playlists and does not support the horizontal playlist layout of JW6. The JW7 does support changing the playlist layout. By using CSS and JavaScript it is possible to design horizontal playlist layout for the JW7. I was able to design a horizontal layout for the JW7 so it looks like the featured image of this article. If you are interested in adding horizontal playlists to JW7 you can download the source code from here. The source code example uses the JQuery Scroller Plugin by Malihu.
  5. The JW7 interface does not render with flash. It only renders with HTML5. It does support flash media but renders with HTML5
  6. The JW7 supports the new Analytics.js library for Google Analytics support. It no longer supports the old ga.js library
  7. The JW7 no longer supports Internet Explorer 8
  8. The JW7 requires a license for all versions of the player. A free license is available


The new JW7 is a major upgrade from the old JW6. Websites that use advanced JW7 features like playlists, analytics or advertisements should read the JWPlayer upgrade guide in detail.